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Functions of BEE


ü      Coordinate with the State Designated Agencies for state-level implementation of the provisions of the EC Act.

ü      Recommend the Central Government on matter related to adoption and notification of energy consumption norms and standards for different sections of energy consumers and equipment manufacturers with the objective of promotion energy efficiency and conservation in the country.

ü      Create awareness through dissemination of information on efficient use of energy and its conservation.

ü      Identify and prepare database of energy intensive industries and device schemes for making these industries energy efficient.

ü      Arrange & organize training and capacity building programs for personnel and specialists for strengthening consultancy services in the field of energy efficiency.

ü      Promote R&D in the field of energy conservation.

ü      Prepare and issue guidelines for promotion of energy efficiency in different sectors , viz. industries, agriculture, buildings, domestic, etc.

ü      Develop infrastructure for supporting energy conservation promotion and implementation activities in the country.

ü      Implement pilot & demonstration projects for promotion of energy conservation

ü      Provide financial assistance for promotion of energy conservation to

ü      Create environment for encouraging development and growth for energy efficiency market in the country.

ü      Regulation and enforcement energy efficiency norms for different users & stakeholders

ü      Prepare educational curriculum for different institutions for inclusion in their syllabus.

Develop international cooperative programs related to energy efficiency promotion.