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Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC)


The Energy Conservation Act 2001 that was passed by the Indian Parliament, empowered the Central Government to prescribe an Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC). ECBC was launched in 2007 on a voluntary basis by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).

What is ECBC?

ü      ECBC set minimum energy efficiency standards for design and construction

ü               ECBC encourage energy efficient design or retrofit of buildings so that

  • It does not constrain the building function, comfort, health, or the  productivity of the occupants
  • Has appropriate regard for economic considerations

What the Scope of ECBC? 

Under the Gazette notification of The Government of India dated 25th August, 2010, any structure or erection or part of structure or erection, which is having a connected load of100 Kilowatt (kW) or contract demand of 120 Kilo-volt and above and is used or intended to be used for commercial purpose, the Code is applicable. Generally buildings or complexes having conditioned area of 1000 sq.m or more will fall under this category.

Status of ECBC in Uttarakhand

Assignment of Amending the ECBC for Implementation in Uttarakhand has been taken up and necessary infrastructure and capacity building works has been initiated with the involvement of concerned government bodies and professionals.